predictability or fate?

My mum always said life was like a box of chocolates . You never know what you’re gonna get.

— Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump *

ID-1003664 chocolates and life
Life is NOT totally like a box of chocolates. (Image courtesy of Suat Eman at

I’m going to put it out there now — I hated this movie; and I can’t stand Tom Hanks either. I have never enjoyed any movie featuring Tom Hanks, so I’ll take a punt and say I didn’t like Forrest Gump because it starred Tom Hanks.

I think it’s his voice I don’t like. I know he affected an accent for this particular movie, but I don’t like the sound of his voice in others either.

Voice is so important. Take Jack Nicolson, example. I could listen to that man all day. I love his movies. Possibly because of the way he sounds.

And a Jamaican accent in a movie: ‘Sanka, you dead man?’  ‘Yeh, mon.’

But Tom Hanks? Nope.

As usual, I digress.

Back to the quote at hand; I don’t actually agree with it, or like it, either. (And this has nothing to do with Tom Hanks.)

When was the last time you opened a box of mixed chocolates with no picture cue guide inside or on the back? Choosing the chocolate you want is not rocket science. You can work out the flavour by the colour of the wrapping (i.e. Lindt balls), the pattern on the wrapping (e.g. Cadbury Roses) or the shape and pattern of the unwrapped chocolate (e.g. Cadbury Milk Tray).

The ability to make a considered chocolate choice is essential.

Perish the thought you would have to randomly dip your hand in, pop what you think is peppermint into your mouth, then discover it is actually turkish delight. (When my grandfather was alive, he would quite happily take on a chocolate that had been in my mouth if I’d chosen poorly and didn’t like it. He used to say ‘I had to eat army food; I can eat anything.’ With the advent of the chocolate flavour guide, he rarely got the chance.)

Unlike the chocolate box, the opportunity in real life to analyse the wrapping, shape and pattern of events is pretty near impossible.

Chocolate is all about being secure you will get what you want, and knowing it will fulfil a desire or craving.

Life is about risks. It’s about not knowing. It’s about taking chances.

Life is scarier than a box of chocolates.

I am in two minds when it comes to the whole ‘risk-taking game’.

Surprises are not on my list of favourites. Neither is failure. But without the advantage of being able to consult a chart of some sort — it would have to be impossible to avoid both in life.

Unless you do nothing.

And, doing nothing is NOT what I am about. So you may be able to see my quandary.

If you saw yesterday’s post (happiness), you will know what I am alluding to. I am gearing up for change in my life. And not just a little one; but maybe little steps. I do not wish to bite into a huge chunk of turkish delight.

I have been doing the same thing for over 20 years. I think it may be time I dipped into the unmarked chocolate box of life, with all its unknowns, surprises, potential fails and potential successes, and took a chance.

These guys took a chance. I would like to think I can too.

* I tend not to do a lot of research when I’m writing this blog, it being first and foremost about making me sit down and write. However, I am quite sure this is not the original quote. I’ve seen the words attributed to Winston Groom and with variations on the wording. Happy to have someone comment as to its true origin and wording.


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