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Attitude is EVERYTHING!
 (from: @TheOrganizedClassroomBlog)

How awesome is this poster! I love it. I am going to make one for my classroom … and for the wall at home.

This is something I have always known, but to see it represented like this is brilliant.

When I was at university, doing my Bachelor of Education, I made a little business for myself tutoring upper primary and high school students in mathematics. I would go to their house and work with them for an hour or so, once or twice a week, on whatever issues they identified as being problematic in maths.

For most of the students I worked with, their biggest issue was not an inability to do the work, but a belief they sucked at maths. Their attitude towards maths was negative because, somewhere along the line, they had been told or had come to believe they were ‘no good at maths’.

With this sort of attitude, it is no wonder they struggled in this subject.

These poor kids used to say things like:

‘I try so hard in class, but I just can’t do it.’

or, ‘I know my tables (the formula, the process …) but I just can’t put it together.’

So many of them had the basic concepts and/or put in the effort in class BUT their attitude was can’t — so, of course, they couldn’t.

My game plan was to build their confidence, show them they ‘could’ and prove to them maths is enjoyable. The process was slow, but in most cases we got there.

Sometimes they would say to me, ‘Now I finally understand because of you.’

My response would be, ‘No, you understand because of you … because of your attitude.’

You can give children all the help, all the homework, all the expensive tutoring at after-school tutoring agencies that you like — but nothing will help unless they have the confidence and the attitude that says ‘I can’.

Work on attitude first — the rest will follow!

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One thought on “attitude

  1. I totally agree! Attitude is the key that opens the door to our world and all the exciting ‘things’ it has to offer. I have been so guilty of displaying the negative attitude that ‘I can’t do this!’. It’s true, that I might take a bit longer to cope with the challenges of needlework and tasks that require fine motor control but eventually I know I can get there. I may not get to the moon, but I’ll be up there smiling amongst the stars!

    We must allow our wombats time to digest and internalise information. We must encourage a positive attitude towards all areas of learning. Yes, wombats will take a little longer, as wombats do, but eventually they will cross the road to experience success. We must stop overloading our education plates, a process that forces students and teachers to work at a frantic pace to achieve goals, a process that is killing self-worth and confidence at an amazing and concerning rate.

    My thinking on this matter is…..Attitude+Time = Success


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