mother’s day

Motherhood is … difficult and … rewarding.

— Gloria Estefan

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Happy Mother’s Day (image courtesy of PANPOTE at

When my two children were still under five years of age, when almost everything they did was super-cute and when they ‘enjoyed’ helping out with household chores, I used to listen to stories told by my friends who had older children and think, ‘Oh dear, I must enjoy this time while it lasts.’

And, as any parent will attest, the time when your children are little, and they think the sun shines out of your butt, is extremely fleeting. Before you know it, they are ‘tweenies’ or, worse still, teenagers.

I am there now!

And, I can confirm, a good deal of this stage of their development is … not … fun.

They no longer enjoy helping out. Nothing you say is ever the right thing. Everything is done in slow motion. Conversations are, for the most part, limited … except for the super-weird and rare occasions when they seem to want to talk about everything.

But, I have to say this … this year Mother’s Day has been fantastic.

Not because I had a day off.  Not because I got spoiled. Not because I received super-expensive gifts.

I got none of this … and I don’t care.

The thing that made this Mother’s Day so special is that both of my children were aware.

My daughter asked me weeks ago what I wanted, and made sure her father took her shopping to get it. She then wrapped it, made a card and also ensured her brother made one as well. I should also note that she was away this weekend, at Junior Concert Band camp, but I overheard her telling her brother where the present was before she left, and reminding him to make sure he gave it to me.

My son, for his part, said he wanted to have a go at making French Toast for breakfast this morning. So, he organised for his father to get all the ingredients and then help him with the tricky bits. Not only this, but the first thing he said to me this morning was, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.

I loved my present all the more because it was something my daughter had organised — by herself.

I loved the French Toast all the more because my son had thought to get it prepared.

Yes … being a mother is oh-so-tricky once the kids reach adolescence. Let’s be honest, there are times when I want to chuck it all in.

BUT — the point when you realise they have taken on board all you have said about ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and ‘it’s important to remember special days and acknowledge them’ … this is the truly rewarding thing. And it makes everything else pale into insignificance.

A very Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums who may read this.

And, one final quote which I have to include because it is funny — and true:

If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?

— Milton Berle



One thought on “mother’s day

  1. Perhaps the most highly ranked profession in the world is Motherhood. As such, it is most important that it is given a special day that is celebrated each year. For mothers it is a time for reflection about years gone by and to predict with some trepidation what lies ahead. It is also a treasured time to spend or touch base with their much loved children. For me, I find Mothers’ Day a bitter sweet occasion as I know that on the law of averages I will be leaving this planet in the not too distant future. However, I feel very much satisfied that I have given my boys wings so that they can explore, inquire and be good citizens who love family members with a passion and care genuinely about their fellow man.
    How true is this saying:
    There is only one true happiness in life: To love and to be loved.
    Happy Mothers’ Day!

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