10 things I want to get off my chest

I don’t have pet peeves like people. I have some kennels of irritation.

-Whoopi Goldberg

Image courtesy of saphatthachat at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

This is so me! Need I say more?

It’s probably not healthy to be irritated by so many things, but I am going to have to live with that because there is so much stuff that shits me!


  • Lateness:  Being late once in a blue moon is unavoidable, sometimes life gets in the way. But, people who are consistently late (particularly those who laugh about it) are not ok. This is not excusable; it is rude, inconsiderate and disrespectful. Buy a watch and look at it!
  • Faking:  I have written about this before. I really, really do not like people who pretend to know something they don’t. I would rather you say ‘I don’t know’ than waste my time spouting crap.
  • Waffling:  Just get to the point. Don’t beat around the bush, say what you mean straight up. I can take it.
  • Yobbos:  For those who don’t know, yobbos are people (I use that term loosely) who hoon around in their cars playing doof-doof music, throw things out their windows as they drive (either verbal insults or milkshakes … I wish I had taken this yobbos rego details) and drive erratically, endangering the lives of non-yobbos. Yobbos also engage in similar behaviour when not in their cars – more often than not they are lounging around in groups (yobbos cannot function independently) waiting for normal people to pass by so they can exercise their extremely limited vocabularies.
  • Failure:  I am only referring to my own failures. I hate to fail. If I fail at something I tend to beat myself up for ages about what I could have done more of. Yes – this is extremely detrimental to my wellbeing, but it is how I am wired.
  • Raw meat:  As far as I’m concerned, any meat that shows a glimpse of pink is still raw. I like my meat well-done. It is so annoying when people say, ‘You might as well eat a piece of leather.’ NO! A skilled chef or cook can prepare a well-done piece of meat that melts in your mouth. My father once cooked me a massive 2cm-thick T-bone steak on the barbecue. It was juicy, tender, able to be cut with a butter knife — and it was well-done! If you want your piece of meat still wriggling, go for it. I don’t.
  • Corner-cutters:  I am only talking about driving here. You know the people I mean  — you are giving way at a T-section and some idiot decides to take the corner in front of you by coming into your lane and nearly taking off the front of your bonnet. That manoeuvre saves them, what, two seconds? Note that people who do this, by my definition, are usually yobbos.
  • Drunkenness:  Call me a prude or a party-pooper, but I fail to see the need to get rolling drunk. I don’t mind an alcoholic beverage occasionally, but I do not like being around people who have consumed so much that they can’t walk or talk, or they say and do things they would never otherwise dream of saying or doing. I am not going to apologise; you make me feel uncomfortable and you really piss me off. Read these words: you do not need to be blind drunk in order to have a good timeFor the duration of said drunkenness, you also fall into the yobbo category.
  • Ignorant joking:  I am only going to talk about special needs here, although I could go on about other, more politically current topics too. People who make insensitive, ignorant jokes about people with special needs, or who use special needs terminology to put other people down, need to shut up! Saying that someone who is merely having a tantrum is ‘so on the spectrum’ is offensive; this is only a mild example and barely the tip of the iceberg. This irritation extends to people who: use slang terminology to describe people with special needs; refer only to stereotypical behaviour, lumping everyone into the same category; make fun of people by mimicking their actions and/or what they say; or who say things like ‘I’m going to sit back and watch his reaction to this and just laugh’. (I heard someone say that once and had to walk away so I wouldn’t be charged with assault). I hate to say this, but probably the worst group of offenders in this category that I have come across are teachers (a small sample only, but 100% too many).
  • Deliberately incorrect spelling:  This is a common practice in media, advertising, restaurant menus etc … and more recently, text messaging. I know some of it is branding, but seriously, do you really need to spell it incorrectly? Why does this irritate me? As a teacher, I know our spelling programs are not up to scratch BUT I resent taking sole blame for the inability of our youth to spell. While I’m at this — accidently incorrect spelling also annoys me, particularly when it is on professionally printed signage. Use a spell-check! (Or employ me to edit it for you before you publish it.) The worst example I ever saw: a misspelt word on the back of a bus, advertising a private school!

So, there is my list of 10 things that reside in my kennel of irritation. There are many, many more — believe me!


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