give me an umbrella (from Jan 20)

Some people walk in the rain … others just get wet.

-Roger Miller

When it comes to moderate weather conditions (not extremes like blizzards and cyclones), rain is my least favourite.

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To qualify that, I don’t mind rain if I am inside and not planning to go out – but if I do have to go somewhere or, worse, if I get caught out then I mind. A lot.

Getting soaked by rain makes me grumpy. It flattens my hair, makes my clothes cling to my body in a most unflattering way and my shoes squelch and slip.

Just get an umbrella or a raincoat.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but umbrellas are somewhat overrated. They are ok at keeping your head dry(ish), but rain does not just fall straight down. I am yet to meet an umbrella skilled in keeping your whole body dry. (I have seen photos of weird Japanese umbrellas that cascade down over your entire body. It’s like being in a huge plastic bubble. They would be an absolute bugger to fold up though … and you would be in your own personal sauna.

The thought of a sauna brings me to raincoats. A really good raincoat may keep rain away from the majority of your body … but am I the only person who sweats copiously when wearing a raincoat?  Birrigai School Camp (in Canberra) provide fantastic raincoats so you can continue your planned activities even in a downpour. (The camp teachers are fanatics.) I had to wear one once. Let’s just say I am at a loss as to what would be worse: getting saturated by rain, head to toe; or taking off the jacket to find that you are still saturated, head to toe, but by sweat.

Some of my friends enjoy walking in the rain. That concept and feeling is totally foreign to me, I do not understand it. One of said friends, with whom I occasionally walk around the lake, is always trying to get me to walk in the rain. Sorry, no! As I’ve already mentioned, being rained on makes me grumpy and I wouldn’t wish that on my friends.

Many of my dragon-boating teammates love to paddle in the rain. Not me. I got caught out in the middle of the lake once during a downpour. I have no idea where it came from, because when we set off the sky was blue. The rain flattened my hair, but that wasn’t the worst of it; my bum was sliding around on the bench, my clothes were sticking to me and I couldn’t see.

Yes!! I know it’s a water-sport!

But, apart from the occasional splash from a wayward paddle, we generally don’t get soaked from head to toe. (The splashes from the lake are in a totally different category too … the lake water is actually the least of my worries. We trained once after a sewerage spill in Queanbeyan travelled down the Molonglo River and ended up in our lake … need I say more?)

This quote from Roger Miller graces a fridge magnet in our rental unit at Wimbie Beach. I read it every time I open the fridge. It must have been on my mind this morning when it started to rain (sooner than predicted) while we were at the beach. The inflatable boogie boards were getting a workout at the time (so, yes, I was already wet) … but this was RAIN! My daughter understandably hightailed it back to the unit; she had been reading on the sand having decided to forego a swim. My husband and son, who are obviously made of tougher stuff than me, were not at all concerned.

So, I stayed.

Yes, you read that correctly. I am not saying I enjoyed being rained on, I got a lot more wet than I had intended. (I do not put my head underwater, ever, don’t like the sensation.) But, I did not go running for cover.

Getting out of my comfort zone made me appreciate the fact that I was there at the beach, with my family, on holiday.

I appreciated the fact that I was able to do this, financially and physically.

And, most of all I appreciated my son’s smile that I had stayed … and the hot shower waiting for me when we did go back.

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