Time Flies

When you wake up at 6 in the morning, you close your eyes for 5 minutes and it’s already 6:45.

When you’re at work and it’s 2:30, you close your eyes for 5 minutes and it’s 2:31.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A 90-minute staff meeting is considerably longer than the 90-minute massage I was so looking forward to.

My 30-minute lunch break, when I have no playground duty, is considerably shorter than my 30-minute preschool lunch duty.

The minute I have to wait in my car at a pedestrian crossing is considerably longer than the minute I have to cross the road at the lights as a pedestrian.

But it is not only ‘tick-tock time’ that defies logic.

January may have 31 days, but it may as well only have a quarter of that. As a teacher, January is the shortest month of the year. It’s a fact.

Each of our terms consists of ten long weeks, followed by two extremely short weeks. Then we have the slow-quick build up to Christmas. Waiting for the last week of Term 4 to finish seems like a lifetime, but the week (or often less) that we then have to buy presents, clean the house and organise Christmas Day festivities – this might as well be 24 hours.

For some reason the period between Christmas and New Year really drags.

Then it’s January and, BAM, before I know it we are back at school.

Where did January go?

If you are a parent, maybe the opposite is true for you.

Whichever way it is, time is a phenomenon I simply do not understand.


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