You’re in my spot.

– Dr Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)

O.K. So, Dr Sheldon Cooper is not a real person, and by rights the person who wrote this script should be getting the praise for this line, but I like it because I feel it encompasses humankind in general.

The character of Sheldon Cooper has no social boundaries. His view of the world is black and white. He says exactly what comes to his mind because it is logical.

One would assume this would make Sheldon unlikeable – but he isn’t. Annoying, yes, but not unable to be liked. He just says what some of us would want to say if we weren’t bound by the rules of social behaviour.

If you are a people watcher, which can be a fascinating pastime when you are procrastinating (or getting ideas for writing), you will notice that humans are generally creatures of habit.

At my school, a lot of staff (including myself) tend to park in the same car space every day. We also sit in roughly, if not exactly, the same spot in the staffroom or during staff meetings.

If someone has ‘taken our spot’ (with their car, gear or posterior) there will be a momentary pause while the intrusion is registered, perhaps a barely detectable cloud passing over our eyes, then we move to another ‘spot’.

The following break time, day or week – we ensure we arrive earlier than said intruder.

What we do not do is march up to the person in question and say, ‘You’re in my spot,’ although we would very much like to take a leaf out of Dr Sheldon Cooper’s book, I’m sure.

Maybe you disagree. Maybe this is just me who feels this way, but I doubt it.

Sheldon Cooper is my favourite character on this show. I know why.

He is also my son’s favourite character – although he doesn’t know why.

If you would like to know why, I may just write about my theories behind this on my other blog:


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